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Apply to Become an On Site Consultant

Format and Rules for consultants seeking to be contractors for LeaderShift

  • Applicants should demonstrate which categories they hold expertise in
  • Applicants would need to be able to offer congregations and communities of faith an ongoing rate that was no more than $100 an hour or $600 for a full day session
  • Applicants who have a relationship with the UCC and/or an understanding of the faith context will receive preference
  • Applicants may need to go through a trial session to become a contractor on this service.

Governance   Change management   Strategic planning   Visioning   Team Building   Budgeting and Finances   Stewardship   Community engagement and consultation   Anti-racism and Diversity   Communications and Outreach   Hospitality   Congregational culture   Conflict Resolution   

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 Yes    No    Maybe   

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