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The Power of Active Witnessing – White Rock

The Power of Active Witnessing – White Rock

Taking a stand against violence is a key piece of spiritual work in our time. But sometimes we feel helpless, hesitant, afraid or uncertain when we witness a discriminatory incident. Sometimes we end up acting out the ‘code of silence’ by ignoring or dismissing hurtful behaviours and then feel let down and ashamed. But there are tools and techniques that we can use to respond to these incidents!

Get empowered and learn to become an ‘Active Witness’ who can respond to all forms of discrimination using appropriate and effective language and action.

In this half-day workshop participants will engage in the following:
Participate in experiential, diversity awareness and empathy-building activities using Courageous Conversations

Learn about the Active Witnessing Model: Offender; Receiver; Self as witness; Co-witnesses; and External/Outsiders

Learn and practice a wide range of verbal and behavioural responses to various forms of discrimination through an Active Witnessing perspective

In partnership with Canadian Memorial United Church and LeaderShift, trainers Angela Brown and Natasha Aruliah will share skills and techniques in a fun and supportive environment.

Angela Brown is an Education Consultant on Anti-racism, Diversity, Equity and Social Justice. She is an Anti-racism and Diversity Mentor at the Vancouver Board of Education and a Faculty Associate at SFU.

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