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Conversations from the Heart: EQI and Human Relations skills

Nov 6
Conversations from the Heart: EQI and Human Relations skills

Leading in congregations and communities of faith means you are “among the people”. Knowing your own emotional reactions and trigger points and being able to read people’s emotion cues and respond appropriately can greatly improve pastoral relationships and enhance your leadership effectiveness. This course is a deep dive into emotional intelligence and human relation skills. The course will give you deeper insight into your own emotional body and reactions, help you understand the perspectives of others, and strengthen your ability to empathize and connect with others.

The US trainers bring decades of experience working with church leaders in North America to strengthen their leadership gifts.

Held Monday–Thursday, November 6-10, 2017 Bethlehem Retreat Centre, Nanaimo

Cost: BC United Church participants will receive a subsidized rate for the EQI training, EQI test, and accommodation and food of $1,100 CAD. The fee for all other participants is $1,600 CAD.

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