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Theory of Change

Leaders need a practice of mindful Christian leadership in order to respond to our context. The question is not “what is church today?” or “how should I lead the church?” but rather “What is God calling forth and how do I participate?”

LeaderShift’s theory of change is both a framework and an approach to how we might address our ministry challenges.

The steps here are sequential.

  1. Centre in God 

    Asking God the question “What are you bringing forth and how do I serve and participate? What is the problem we are trying to address? What is the achievable goal i.e., which part of the Kingdom of Heaven are we trying to call forth?

  2. Observing and Witnessing 

    What is the context and situation I am in? What information is around me? What is missing? What are the crosses and problems I am witnessing?

  3. Creating and Inviting

    What are some responses to this context and situation? Who might help with this? What have I/we tried before? What worked and what didn’t? What might be a new approach? Who might see the situation differently and add to our field of understanding? Whose voices are not here or are marginalized? Who might want to work on this? Who might need to be involved?

  4. Action and Responding

    Taking action, implementation, and innovation with a clear set of goals. Determining what you are going to try and for how long. Determining who and what will be your temperature checks to see if something is working. Watching for reactions and results, addressing conflicts and mistakes, and fine-tuning as you go.

  5. Evaluation and Reflection

    Taking a pause and seeing what is working and what isn’t, asking for feedback, fine-tuning, pivoting, or stopping. Determining next steps.

  6. Integration and Sharing

    Making this new way/approach/program part of the life of your community of faith. Mentoring, supporting and training others on what you have learned, sharing information from what you have tried, celebrating, worshiping, and refreshing so that Kingdom work is not about burn-out but about abundant life in God.